London Bridge

London Bridge, Sandstone Western AustraliaLondon Bridge, a prominent attraction in Sandstone, is part of a larger formation about 800 metres long, varying in height from around 3 to 10 metres. It is formed of weathered basalt and the rock is believed to be about 350 million years old.

London Bridge is Falling Down

Unfortunately with time the bridge is getting thinner and thinner and will eventually fall. We do ask that you enjoy the picture from ground level to preserve this natural wonder, and for your own safety as well.

For over 100 years London Bridge has been a popular lookout spot in Sandstone. In the 1900's it was frequented as a spectacular town picnic site and still is today. It is estimated the rocks of the Sandstone belt are close to 2 billion years old. Astronomers believe the age of the earth itself to be 4.6 billion years, so the Sandstone strata are little less than half the age of the planet.